How Does a Legal Transcription Company Help you Simplify your Legal Processes?

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Legal transcription companies are becoming more and more popular among law firms in the States as well as around the world. While the attorneys and legal professionals still use audio/video recordings during the hearings, it is believed that correct documentation of all the information is beneficial.

That is why law firms are choosing legal transcription services that can help them organize the documented information. Many do not know the need and benefits of hiring a legal transcription company. Many believe it is just an extra expense for their firm however it is something that can help your law firms in many ways. Here is the list of ways that a legal transcription company helps you grow your practices. Before we start let understand

What is Legal Transcription?

Legal transcription is the process of documenting all the audio/video or written legal information that attorneys, legal consultants, and practitioners come across during a case proceeding. The legal transcription is not only transcribing the audio or videos but it is a process correctly formatting and organizing legal documents with correct terminology.

These transcribed documents are used keeping the records as case histories and can also be used in future proceedings. It helps the attorneys and other legal professionals to easily organize and access the information whenever needed.

Benefits of Hiring a Legal Transcription Company

Correct and Best Format for Attorneys
An accurate and high-quality legal transcription means the transcription is done professionally and is in an ideal format for attorneys. Therefore, when you choose a good legal transcription company, you would not need to worry about the paperwork. Instead, the people at your law firm can focus on the case related activities while the transcriptionists provide you with the error-free documented files, properly organized for the proceedings.

The transcribed documents highlight the timestamps and speaker identifications so the attorneys can easily track and quickly access the desired piece of information.

Cost and Time-Effectiveness
When a law firm outsources the documentation work to any legal transcription services they save a lot of time and expenses. Companies like Aketer offers quick delivery with a turnaround time as short as 48 hours. Aketer also offers affordable legal transcription rates (as low as 7 cents per line).

Rather than hiring a staff a law firm simply can opt for a transcription company that provides the transcripted documents in less than half the price, and save a lot of extra expenses along with the payrolls. Such as – medical allowance, transport allowance etc.

On the other hand, while staff can work on one transcription at a time, the legal transcription companies boast big teams of transcriptionists who can work on multiple files at a time and provide you with the final copies within days.

Easier Access to Information

If an attorney is going through data files in audio and videos, it can take hours to finally find the precise information s/he is looking for. However, with correctly formatted transcribed documents the person can easily access the desired piece of information (just by a quick overlook of the text pages or using text finding tool).

Attorneys can also highlight the information and can make notes with the documents. The bottom line is, having a transcribed document along with the videos/audios helps the people thoroughly understand the information. Documented information also allows them to easily store and go through the details whenever required.

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