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The rise of formal law enforcement has grown a demand for transcription service. Law enforcement transcription is the process of transcribing any audio or written information which legal consultants and other legal professionals gather during their practices. The transcribed documents are well formatted and well written with legal terminology. While this helps the legal practitioners to easily access information whenever required it also reduces the administrative stress. These transcribed records are kept safely and are used for various crucial purposes such as court reporting, studies in similar cases, and knowledgebase.

While outsourcing the law transcription is comparatively a recent idea, it has become the top choice for the legal departments around the world. The law enforcement transcription services help legal professionals to focus on their work and clients. These services eliminate the stress of creating error-free documentation and keeping track of tons of paperwork

Law Enforcement Transcription Process

Aketer Legal is one of the leading law enforcement transcription service providers. With our experienced team of transcriptionists, we deliver quick and reliable transcription with a high accuracy rate. We have been working in the industry for 20+ years and have served thousands of customers worldwide.We offers its customers error-free law enforcement transcription with a turnaround time of 48 hours. Another good reason to choose legal services is our transcription rates. We provide law transcriptions at rates as low as 7 cents per line.

Aketer uses secure servers to digitally receive your audio/video/written information. We store clients’ sensitive information on safe and secure storage and deliver the transcripted documents through secure transmission modes.

Transcription Delivery

Get all the information in the form of ideally formatted documents

All the information would be organized and easily accessible for further usage

Important points can be easily highlighted

Cost-effective option in the market that you can rely on for accuracy and privacy

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