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Legal transcription is the process of documenting dictated or written legal information. Legal process is getting crucial across the world when it comes to its Privacy Policy. Why is it needed? It helps the legal consultants and attorneys to keep a record of all the cases and information they come across. These legal transcripted documents help them in case research and other legal activities.

In recent years, legal management and consultancy services have been on the boom. That has increased the demand for transcription services in the legal department. While the legal professionals can’t spend all their time on documenting the information, it has become a necessity for them to outsource the transcription work. It is a cost-effective and time-saving option in comparison to hiring someone for solely transcription work.

Our transcription services allow legal professionals to focus on their core competency without worrying about the paperwork and boost their productivity.

Legal Transcription Process

Aketer is one of the leading legal transcription service providers in the USA and around the world. Here we have an ad hoc panel of legal transcriptionists who are adept with legal terminology. With our lowest legal transcription rates you’ll get the best accuracy and precision in the work delivered. Aketer has been providing its reliable medical and legal transcription services for more than 20 years now. By turning to Aketer, you can make the most of your attention towards the legal process, while we take care of your administrative and documentation transcription.

We proudly boasts it’s legal typing service expertise as we guarantee accuracy, and quick delivery. We also allow our clients to share their sensitive legal information over a secure server and keep all the data in safe storage. Our all-round services with low costs make us one of the most popular and reliable legal transcription services worldwide.

Transcription Delivery

Still unsure about outsourcing legal transcription? Here is what you get, but not limited to:

An ideal format that attorneys can use

Important parts of the evidence can be highlighted

Easier access to information

Cost-effective and time-saving option

Increased clarity for attorneys

Better organization of data

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