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Medico – legal refers to report deals with very sensitive areas as it deals with patient content and all the operation activities related to it. Combining medical professional and medical transcriptionist – we have an experienced ad – hoc panel who accurately processes legal terminologies in medical and legal field. Medico Legal cases have increased in terms of expenses, frequency, and complexity over the past decade. With that, the need for top-notch Medico-legal Typing has grown as well. These cases are extremely sensitive matters, demanding the utmost in confidentiality. Aketer’s secured server with the latest technology ensures that privacy matters the most.

Transcription Process

When accuracy is critical and time is of the essence, you can depend on us for all of your medico-legal transcription projects. Our team of transcription professionals has education and experience in current medical and legal terminology. Aketer has been providing Medico Legal Transcription for many years now and it only keeps getting better at it.

That is when you need a trusted medico legal transcription company with a consistent trail of high-quality and accurate processing of medico legal transcription reports.

Transcription Delivery

•Vast array of regional dialects and accents

•98% accuracy rate, among the highest in the transcription industry.

•Latest technology to ensure privacy

•12-24 Hour Turnaround

•High Quality services provided at very affordable prices

We offer highest standard support for Medico legal transcription Service. We have made available a free trial of our transcription services that you can use before you sign up to get your work outsourced to Aketer.