Top 7 Factors that will help you choose the best transcription services for court-ready documents!

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July 31, 2019
People discussing in legal transcription company

People discussing in legal transcription company
There are a number of industries that require transcription services to convert their recorded sessions into digitized documents. This is to ensure that the workflow operations function smoothly! The legal industry is one of the industries that require transcription services on a regular basis. They require transcription services to transcribe their legal proceedings into digitized texts on a constant basis but as any legal professional would know, transcribing legal documents is a highly specialized process!
Dictation services of court-ready documents require extremely skilled professionals that not only have an understanding of the legal terminologies but they also have a strong command on the English language.

However; the best in class transcription services for court-ready documents is not restricted to these 2 parameters so let’s understand the factors that can help you analyze and narrow down the best transcription service for court-ready documents:

• Confidentiality:
Just like many other industries, the legal industry too is bound by the promise of confidentiality. It is absolutely essential that the transcription service provider you choose has a process to maintain the confidentiality of your documents. This factor is a key requirement and must be followed as a mandatory proves by the service provider.

You can ask them the following questions to determine their process of maintaining confidentiality:
o What is the process of maintaining confidentiality in their dictation services company?
o Have they ever experienced any breach of data confidentiality in the past? If yes, how did they deal in such a case scenario?
o How have they trained their professionals to maintain the confidentiality of data?
o Do the employees of the dictation services company undergo any training to understand the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of data?

Transcribing with Accuracy: This goes without saying that while transcribing legal documents, an utmost accuracy is required by the dictation services company, however; this is not easily achieved! One of the ways to ensure that your transcribed document is error-free and 100 % accurate is by hiring experienced and skilled professionals to do the job! The reasoning for this is simple – Transcribing court-ready documents require the transcriptionist to be coherent with legal terminologies. It is not necessary to have a legal degree but it helps to have a law background. In either case, they should be thorough with legal terminologies to transcribe an accurate document. If the transcriptionist of the dictation services company you hire is not well-versed with legal terminologies, chances are the same may reflect in your report. Your report may lack consistency and there is the added risk that the final transcribed report may be inaccurate.

Customized Formats: Various transcription services companies offer customized services to their clients. It is an essential element of any dictation services company, be it any category! Let’s explore how does it apply to the legal transcription industry? Well, transcribing court-ready documents sometimes requires a standardized format and sometimes requires the transcriptionist to ready the document in a customized format. Whatever the case may be, it is essential that the dictation services company you hire should be willing to create and customize the court ready documents in the required format.

Dedicated Point of Contact / Account Managers: A dictation services company that is willing to provide you with best legal transcription services for your court ready documents understands the importance of appointing an account manager for every client within their company. This account manager acts as the dedicated point of contact with whom you can communicate details regarding your project. You can discuss each and every detail of your project in real-time if you have a dedicated point of contact with your dictation services partner. This factor of any dictation services company is essential for effective communication between the client and the service provider.

Quick Turnaround Time: Court ready documents are often time-bound! They need to be submitted further hence there the dictation services company you hire needs to ensure that they transcribe the document within the specified deadline. This ensures that the workflow pattern of the legal services runs smoothly without any roadblocks! If a dictation services company is focused on providing the best legal transcription services for your court ready documents, they will not only realize the importance of the specified deadline but they will also ensure that they deliver the documents within a quick turnaround time!

Quality is Key: The final factor that will help you locate the best dictation services company for your court ready documents is if they understand the importance of delivering high-quality documents in time to their clients! While there are many ways to ensure that a dictation services company yields high-quality document on a constant basis, one of the most effective ways to ensure that is that every transcribed document is thoroughly reviewed by an experienced legal transcriptionist. Every court-ready document that is transcribed must be proof-read and reviewed before the final submission.

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The above-mentioned factors can help you narrow down and choose the best transcription services for your court-ready documents! Transcription services are of the utmost importance because they produce documents that are of prime importance which is why it is essential that the dictation services company you hire does not compromise on the quality of your documents.

While seeking for a dictation service company, you must ensure that they are focused and dedicated to providing you with optimal solutions so that your court ready documents are accurate and error-free.

We, at Aketer Legal, are very focused on providing you with high-quality transcription services! We understand that court-ready documents require specialized services and a skilled workforce. At Aketer Legal, our professionals are experienced and skilled. They have also dedicated professionals that are focused on carrying out legal transcription services so that you always receive court-ready documents of the highest quality!

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